Monday, 15 May 2017

The bitcoin, a coin that promises us to last.

The famous Bitcoin coin, which on May 13 received a long stroke when it was affected thanks to a worldwide attack of so-called hackers who demanded ransom in this cryptocurrency, but this did not happen to majors and immediately after what happened it began to repair, this is because the main digital currency was worth $ 1,796, 1.80% more than the day before what happened at exactly the same time. The number of operations fell to more than half that in the previous days (when around 1 billion dollars). Between that day and the next, the transactions were of 439 million dollars.

This demonstrates the resilience, the stability of this currency and extends the possibility that this coin can last for a very long period of time. In the world, there are more and more countries that discover their benefits and decide to legalize them completely and free their marketing, as there are others who are still reluctant and claim that with bitcoins you can easily launder money thanks to the anonymity of your transactions and even impose the prohibition of its use.

One of the countries that were reluctant to implement the bitcoins was India; initially, the government banned the exchange of bitcoins in India but because of the liquidity crisis it suffered recently, they resumed the possibility of accepting the exchange of bitcoins. Citizens are having trouble accessing cash reserves, ATMs do not operate normally.

Meanwhile, more and more people buy and sell Bitcoins every day looking for the best BTC price in India and the merchants taking profits. Along with the cash deficit, Bitcoin is doing a great deal to India, and there is a significant market demand for the decentralized currency. Local volumes in India remain very high with an average of INR 20,000,000 or $ 300,000 USD during the first week of April this year. In addition, the price margins of bitcoins in India through the best Indian exchanges are currently $ 50 higher than most of the global averages at the time of this information.

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