Thursday, 24 August 2017

Where You Can Use Your Bitcoins?

     Cryptocurrencies have reached very high levels and their values are getting higher. Apparently there is a kind of race in which everyone wants to be the winners; obviously everyone wants to be the most popular digital currency in the world. Bitcoin has made it clear that since its inception, being a pioneer in digital currencies, it is the most popular of all and even its price is interposed over any other cryptocurrency with a quite appreciable difference. But what are digital coins for? What can you pay with Bitcoins?

     Below is a small part about things, sites, places where you can use Bitcoins. There are several betting sites where you can pay or receive Bitcoins. In Argentina there is an online gambling site known as "satoshiDICE" which allows people to place their bets with the digital currency and also pay the winner with digital currency. Payments can be transferred directly to the Bitcoin address using the code or you can also use the Bitcoin exchange to carry out the process.

     Several travel and tourism agencies have also joined this revolution and allow the payment of their travel packages, however included. and Prodeo are two of many agencies that are accepting transactions with Bitcoins. Global VIP is another highly recognized agency worldwide offering different tourist packages and also offers services linked to some Bitcoin exchanges from several countries to make payments more directly.

     There are also some web pages of online courses and trainings that allow the digital currency as a form of payment. "Aula 5" is a recognized institution in Argentina which allows its students and participants to cancel the courses offered, thus facilitating the lives of many people.

     Bitcoin has spread in many areas and still has much to go. For example; In Japan there are airlines that only allow the payment of their tickets through the digital currency. In the Japanese country Bitcoin is already legalized and there are thousands of shops that accept its use. Japan is one of the greatest examples to follow and not only for its great technological advances, but also for its great financial and economic achievements.


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