Friday, 25 August 2017

Some Cars That You Can Buy With BTC

     There are many things that can be bought with Bitcoin, from groceries in supermarkets, plane tickets to cars, boats and even airplanes. Some products on can be purchased with cryptocurrencies. There are already many companies that are accepting the digital coins in their products and services and now also the cars that can be bought with them.

     One of the vehicles that can be bought neatly with Bitcoin is the Ferrari 360 Modena. Despite being a car of the year 2000 its value is quoted for 125 BTC or 75 000 dollars. This vehicle has a large 3.6-liter V8 engine and can reach high speeds in a short time.

     Another vehicle that can be purchased with Bitcoin is the Wiesmann Roadster Edition Olímpic. This car is recognized worldwide and the boss of the formula one handled it once. Its value is around 480 BTC or 350,000 dollars.

     Ligier, a French Formula One team made a car, the JS51 in 2010. This car has a power of 250 horsepower and its price is around 76 BTC or 50,000 Euros.

     For lovers of classic cars and the Bitcoin there is also an excellent choice and is the 1970 Hemi Cuda. This car has a powerful 700 horsepower engine and is valued at 245 BTC which would be equivalent to 130,000 dollars.

     There is a vehicle that is considered the most expensive in the world that can be paid with Bitcoin. Known as the Monster Truck, it has an appearance in the Record Guinness. This is a modified Ford Excursion 2020. The car is 10 meters long and 3 meters high and weighs 7 tons approx. It has a seat of 12 seats and its brutality makes it one of the most expensive vehicles in the world. Its price is 1641 BTC, it means that it is above the million dollars.

     These are some of the most popular vehicles that can be purchased with Bitcoins. Bitcoin exchange offers services that can be related to the persons or entities designated to obtain the vehicle. To get some of these you have to buy Bitcoins or sell BTC until you reach the necessary amount but without a doubt you would be buying one of the best cars in the world. The best Bitcoin exchange tends to relate more to these people or businesses to which the vehicles are linked.


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