Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Bitcoin Cash does not stop climbing

On August 1 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) entered the market, which, defenseless by its "father", the Bitcoin (BTC), the BCH started as a different, subordinate currency, or at least with the spectacular role of serving as springboard to BTC, something that helped exaggerated to BTC, since, barely to the two weeks and BTC was positioned about the 4,000 dollars, and left perplexed in the eyes of the world.

"A laborer," something like that can be classified as BCH, a currency that in two weeks was around 300 dollars, and a week later multiplied by 2 that amount, and is about to touch the 700 dollars. Could it be that BCH can impact as much as BTC? That is not what is expected, since, being BCH a more affordable currency for a lower economic class, such as the middle class, the price should stay away from unreachable extremes like the BTC, to be maintained among the other criptocoins Like Ethereum or Litecoin.

For this August 22, Bitcoin Cash raised its price, but the other digital currency saw their prices had a downturn, in which the same BTC was involved. Bitcoin had reached $ 4,300 on August 17 and had remained on the $ 4,000 platform, but at dawn on Tuesday all criptocoins, with the exception of BCH, suffered a small drop in price, starting with BTC, which saw its value falling to $ 3,600, but rose rapidly to 3,900 and has remained at that scale. In addition, the other cases of this phenomenon are those of Ethereum that now stands at 310 dollars per unit, with a drop of up to 6.38%, Litecoin at 46.31 dollars per unit, with a drop of 1.10%. The IOTA drops by 4.38%, and now stands at $ 0.85 per unit, lastly, Dash stands at $ 276, and the percentage that fell was of 4.05%.

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