Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Bitcoins buy and sell record breaking in South Africa

It has been difficult to adapt Bitcoin (BTC) in a country like South Africa, due to its demographic conditions and to the third world continent in which it is found. Blockchain and BTC technologies have progressed slowly in recent years; however, this year there has been a significant growth, going beyond an exuberant purchase and sale of bitcoins, but a modern public awareness of the new digital payment method.

Luno, an agency operating in the African country since 2013, has reported unprecedented figures, which provide an impressive projection for the times of the future. Up to 2,241,826 BTC were traded over a weekend, reaching a value of just over 9.7 million dollars.

This data was made public through its official website, which did not offer specific figures on the number of users that are active in its system; however, confirmed an increase in crypto-active interest.

Luno's Head of Marketing and Growth, Werner Van Rooyen, enunciated the following words to the world: "We see an increase in interest downloads of mobile applications, new customer inscriptions and trade - which relates to some external events. The first is volatility - when the price goes up or down, more people are buying and selling. That being said, when the price goes up, people tend to go back to the idea of ​​buying a small amount of bitcoin, something they may have considered at some points in the past. "

According to some specialists, this abysmal growth of Bitcoin has been due to the confidence it gave to the whole world, since some gave it up when its prices fell to 2,000 in July and suddenly rose to 4,000 in August.

Bitcoin continues to break records in more places in the world, South Africa, India, China, Australia, Russia, Canada, the Netherlands and more, are some of the countries that have registered a giant development in this criptocoin.

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