Thursday, 11 May 2017

Bitcoin price may double at the end of this year

The rise of bitcoin rate makes it a good investment in a short period of time. Making this a good way to keep your currency growing by itself. Having thins in mind, you can safely have your money safe and growing in this new cryptocurrency that is not hard to get

The observation of the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been mentioned by hedge fund says the currencies have shown the growth in value specially on bitcoin. And thanks to the rise of the bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies has grown along with it

The stability shown by the digital currency (Bitcoin) is presented as the result of the use given by the investors. People wanting to hedge their positions or even short the asset, for example, can use futures contracts traded through, a marketplace that specializes in them. Investors can even use the platform to check whether the direction of the currency is changing.

The quarterly contract sold at Bitmex entered backwardation -- the future price fell below the spot price -- in January, shortly after the PBOC started cracking down on the exchanges. In a market that is limited in supply, the fact that most of the greater entrepreneur are betting prices will go down, must be bad news in economical aspect. So it proved, but this time hedging may have limited the downside.

Bitfinex is another site that has been created to buy and sell Bitcoins in short times. The exchange even publishes an average daily rate for borrowing the currency, which has been going up in the past two weeks.

Recently a bitcoin costs around 1800$ which make it one of the most high priced currencies (personally, is the highest that I know how to earn). the bitcoin price rose in a day from 1700$ to 1800$ this surge has also made people sell it, thinking it is the highest it can get, but I think this is just the beginning. statistically speaking this currency has done nothing but grow, generally speaking, so there is nothing else to expect it but to keep growing.

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