Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Buy bitcoins in India as safely as possible and without problems.
The purchase and sale of bitcoins is a market that is evolving every day more, although this is something positive, not everything is color of roses as this also has triggered a series of unfortunate events because of scams and thefts related to the purchase and Sale of bitcoins in India as in other countries of the world

To avoid these unfortunate events I have decided to put my grain of sand and share the safest methods and ways to make your experience with this business profitable. First of all, if you want to buy bitcoins in India, you should investigate the reliability of each company you enter, most of these companies have their public reputation, and you do not want to consult with nearby people who already have experience in this business.

Secondly, once enough information has been collected from different companies, it is necessary to proceed to find the one that offers the best bitcoins exchange rate in India and the one that has the best customer service.

There are a fairly large number of companies dedicated to the exchange of bitcoins in India, I cannot name them all, but I can recommend two that have really earned my heart since I started buying bitcoins in India.

 The first and for me the best is called Bitxoxo, this platform is characterized by offering the best exchange rate of bitcoins in India, and one of the reasons is that it does not charge a cent for the loan of its services and apart offers A prepaid card that is physically and exchangeable which is an excellent idea, more than anything if you want to make an original and attractive gift.

The other one that I want to comment on is called Zebpay, this platform has demonstrated its reliability and best exchange rate of bitcoins in India. Buying bitcoins in India is a trend today and Zebpay is a good way to get started in this cryptocurrency.

These have been my recommendations, I hope you have enjoyed them and they will serve you for a future. Regards!

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