Wednesday, 31 May 2017

World economy in 2017

     By 2017 the world economy is expected to grow above 3%. A slight increase. This growth rate indicates acceleration after coming down in previous years. However for advanced and emerging countries is a slow increase that is not enough to meet the needs of citizens. Neither is it favorable to fight inflation in many countries of the world and pay off debts. Although North American and European countries are expected to grow at a faster pace thanks to the low oil prices, a possible fiscal impetus, and expansive monetary policy, tensions and slowdowns in emerging economies and the low growth of Some of the exporting economies, especially in Latin America, represent a great deal of uncertainty about economic diversity where many risks must be taken into account.

     In any case, at this rate, many factors converge so that the growth of the world economy continues to grow. The implementation of new currencies systems has benefited several countries. Cryptocurrencies, for example, are already being seen around the world and appear to be a great opportunity for economic development in many countries.

     The advance of new technologies has also boosted economic progress. These are replacing people from their jobs, resulting in unemployment in many countries, causing inequality of income, wealth, and opportunities.

     Some people and companies have benefited from digital currency. They make bitcoin exchanges in different parts of the world as a tool to stabilize their finances a little.

     The changes of government that have occurred this year, as in the USA, are creating great uncertainty about the economic development of the country. The president does not agree with free trade in his country and that way it is very difficult to know how the economy could behave in that country while affecting the world economy.

     Developing the global economy must involve decisions that involve many risks. Some countries are already innovating with the digital currency system and have achieved good results. This kind of currency could be the solution to the economic crises of many countries. People buy Bitcoin to do business with people from other countries and thereby help the world economy to continue to grow and accelerate for years to come.

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