Thursday, 15 June 2017

India and bitcoin challenge

     India is benefiting from the use of cryptocurrencies at large scales. Although the Indian government remains struggling to implement its use, Bitcoin Exchange in India is becoming increasingly popular.

     Bitcoin, as the most widely known digital currency in the world and in India. It has allowed thousands of users to join your network. Recognized as the number one platform in India, Bitxoxo has registered over 5000 people in this country. Its users are delighted by its great facility and its 0% commission. The people who sell Bitcoin in India have made a great fortune with cryptocurrency. There are also other portals that allow you to make Bitcoin Exchange in India, such as ZebPay, UnoCoin or CoinSecure. However users of this digital currency prefer to go with Bitxoxo.

     The Top Bitcoin Exchange in India is around 10 million transactions per day. A quite remarkable number that shows that the implementation and legalization of cryptocurrency in India is about to happen very soon. The Ministry of Finance has been surveying the general public about what they think of Bitcoin. And it has been shown that they have great acceptance on the part of the citizens.

     The different economy in India allows the use of Bitcoin in any business or commerce. People can Buy Bitcoin in India by investing in a safer future that can be provided by the nation's banks. The recent statement by the country's Finance Minister that the 500 Rupee and 1000 Rupee bills are no longer valid has been a key factor for Bitcoin's demand to grow steadily.

     Bitcoin price in India is around 197.122 rupees (equivalent to $3050), which shows that the demand in the territory has an upward trend. It is increasingly evident that the increase in Bitcoin's demand is closely linked to the increase in the adoption of the digital coin in different countries around the world. Economic instability worldwide is leading more and more users to opt for bitcoin as a method of investment and value protection, which for those in the world of cryptocurrencies could mean a rise in price galloping over time.

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