Saturday, 17 June 2017

India on its way to becoming a new cryptocurrency hub

The main driving force of bitcoin and blockchain technology in Asia is China, but India is rapidly transforming into a hub for bitcoin. Plenty e-commerce startups in India are connecting mobile operations to every-day mobile phone accounts to account for their high rates of population without bank accounts, thus, facilitating matters for people seeking to buy bitcoin in India as well as sell Bitcoin in India, as well as bringing to the forefront of the economy the competition for supremacy when it comes to bitcoin exchange in India and becoming the top bitcoin exchange in India.

Indian companies considered the best Bitcoin exchanges in India like UnoCoin, Zebpay, and Bitxoxo reached new records, furthering the advancement of Southern Asia’s and India’s digital economy.

With India’s growing realization of in all things IT, there’s a raising interest in cryptocurrencies by civilians as well as the entrepreneurial and business demographic; all of these are now constantly seeking information about who is the best bitcoin exchange in India by popularity standards and who is the top bitcoin exchange in terms of security matters.

UnoCoin CEO Sathvik Vishwanath has said, “India possesses the biggest gold, inward remittance and IT markets in the entire world – making India a perfect home for Bitcoin”

The best bitcoin rate is part of the most casual of talks for people these days, and the discussion of who is the best bitcoin exchange in India that offers the best bitcoin rate goes right along with it. Some people preferring the user friendly approach of Zebpay or Coinsecure, while others prefer a more solid security infrastructure of exchanges like Bitxoxo.

But, what are the most definitive numbers when it comes to the best bitcoin exchange in India?

  •   Zebpay: most vastly used. App-only, it’s the most popular top bitcoin exchange in India.
  •  Coinsecure: popular as well, amassing a huge client base and is used by bitcoin enthusiasts as well when it comes to trading in the market of bitcoin exchange in India.
  •  Bitxoxo: a more traditional approach preferred by people who prioritize security measures as Bitxoxo requires KYC verification, and it’s one of the few that does this in the bitcoin exchange in India game.


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