Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Indian government seeks opinion on its citizens about bitcoin

     The economy of India has been very variant in recent years. It has been very difficult for analysts to set a picture for the future of this nation. The use of Bitcoin in India seems to be one of the best options for investors and entrepreneurs. Best Bitcoin rate in India allows thousands of people to integrate daily into this large chain by investing their savings and assets in a digital currency which has been increasing in value and popularity every day.

     This has been causing problems for the Indian government because they fear that the use of cryptocurrency can be used for illicit purposes. However users ensure that transactions, bitcoin exchanges in India are one of the safest transactions in the world and thanks to Blockchain people can follow the activities of users in case of fraud.

     Citizens sell bitcoin in India as in many countries of the world without risking their identity. The decentralization of the system allows the user to hide his identity or to reverse it in case the same user requires it. Bitxoxo is one of the platforms preferred by users. This gives the users guarantee in their transactions and does not charge commission. Its rate is 0% interest making thousands of people come to this platform. Best bitcoin exchange in India has allowed the number of investors to grow both in India and in other countries that operate along with it.

     The Indian government has had to take letters in the matter and establish certain rules, regulations regarding the use of cryptocurrency. They have decided to create a committee that will take stock of the current situation of the virtual currencies, both in India and in the world, will examine the existing regulatory and legal structures that regulate global virtual currencies. It will suggest measures to address such virtual currencies which include consumer protection issues, money laundering, etc., and will examine any other issues related to virtual currencies that may be relevant.

     The questions that the government has proposed are divided into parts and topics. One of the parties will be to know if the people agree with the use of Bitcoin and to show a prefix if it should be accepted, prohibited or observed.

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