Friday, 30 June 2017

Top Bitcoin Exchanges in India [July 2017]

The inquiry into which is the best Bitcoin exchange service in India is a highly contested subject. As India has taken a gigantic step into the future by adopting Bitcoin as one of its valid and recognized forms of currency, different companies offer different types of features within their basic services of allowing their respective users to trade Bitcoin when they see the best Bitcoin rate available to their needs, be it buying or selling, presents itself. To the point of many restaurants and a number of outlets taking Bitcoin as a form of payment for their services, and this leads us to ask the most obvious of questions in order to clear up one of the most important of quandaries, who are the top Bitcoin exchange services in India?

1.    Zebpay: a favorite that has the favor of many Bitcoin enthusiasts because of it being app-only in nature and being considerably user when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. It was founded in 2011 and has grown in popularity since. It has become the 7th most popular app on the Apple finance store. 

2.    Coinsecure: Proclaiming themselves as a team of passionate Bitcoin enthusiasts that have joined for users to make things easy for Bitcoin users inside India. 

3.    Bitxoxo: the founding members of of Digital Assets and Blockchain Foundation India (DAFBI) as well as the very first bitcoin exchange in India allow users to issue pre-paid bitcoin giftcards. They also have a very thorough security system with a host of requirements, from various forms of identification to KYC documents as well as others safety precautions.

4.    Unocoin: With a motto of “to bring Bitcoin to billions”, Unocoin began operating in July of 2013 in Karnataka and was India’s first agent in the Indian Bitcoin market. Claiming to have 150,000+ satisfied clients and 350+ million in bottom line revenue, Unocoin has been on the frontlines of Bitcoin revolution in India.

5.    BTCXIndia: branding their services through values of commitment to their customers and maintenance of qualitatively objective standards make this a stable and reliable exchange. They charge a 1% commission that includes taxes.

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