Friday, 23 June 2017

Uncertainty & Bitcoin

In the current climate that was cloaked the entire world, every aspect that projects into the future seem to be clad in uncertainty. It’s the case about conflicts that are ongoing and others that could rise up or escalate, about governments being organized or reorganized by a different party that the one currently in power. In many respects, this makes for a complicated task of predicting the future, but this very thing might establish cryptocurrencies like bitcoin a commodity that is in even more demand than it is actually. 

This would be all according to Jeremy Liew, who was the very first to invest in the app ‘Snapchat’ and who is now a partner at “Lightspeed Venture Partners”.

Jeremy Liew said about Bitcoin, as well as other virtual cryptocurrencies, that “all of them really reap a lot of benefit in these times of political, environmental, economic and general instability.” And that the fundament that drives this outlook is that "When a population or a group of citizens do not have faith in the economy of their country, or in the currency of their country, well, that then the pro active disposition to seek alternatives becomes commonplace, and that, in this case, a virtual alternative like bitcoin seems much more enticing, given this specific set of circumstances."

This could explain why so many people are increasingly interested in discussing bitcoin exchange and debating what are the safest ways to buy and sell bitcoin, with talk of the best bitcoin exchanges being topics of casual talk, this coming about after the public first showed reluctance towards digital currency among a smear campaign by the mainstream media in the past few years. 

Jeremy Liew also spoke about the potential role the developing and under developed world is playing the cryptocurrency market. According to Liew, sectors of Asia, Latin America and Europe have an effect on the valuation of Bitcoin, as, in parts of the Middle East, Africa, South America and Eastern Europe; worries about the government being overthrown or recurring inflation of currencies have been a force of propulsion in bitcoin's increasing valuation. Presently a bitcoin is valued just above $2,800.

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