Thursday, 27 July 2017

A cryptocurrency virus threat?

A mining malware is disseminated in Russia. The advisor to Putin has informed that 20-30% of the devices of the nation are harmed with a virus that usually belongs to the world of cryptocurrencies. This could be dangerous fact since cybercriminals are always looking for manner to make the system collapse and can be soon spread to countries of the surroundings such as India, Kazakhstan and Japan and damage their bitcoin exchange. Cybercriminals tend to hack computers in order to generate funds and processing power to mine. However, other Russian representors think that it is impossible that such a virus has affected so deeply a country with a computer population that is too big as Russia. Also, that the number of devices affected by the virus mentioned by Putin advisor is lower than the amount he established and that there is nothing to fear. 

In spite of this facts, the investors and users of bitcoin in the countries around Russia for example, people who trade with the cryptocurrency in India should be aware about the danger of an international virus that could serve to criminal purposes. A virus like that affects bitcoin exchange because it weakens the security of customers to buy bitcoins in India or any other country. The bitcoin population around the world should have more information about how to detect a virus and how to eliminate it from their computers in order to refuse cybercriminals that could be mining illegally. 

Countries that are growing their bitcoin exchange like Russia and India will face problems like this as any other country in the world. Nonetheless, it is not reason for stop investing in bitcoins or not to buy and sell bitcoins. Every system has a moment where a criminal wants to make it fall or to cause chaos. Since that possibility can happen in any moment, companies with the best bitcoin exchange in India or Russia should establish actions to educate the users and to reject and find the source of a threat that could harm thousands of people not only in the country but also in the rest of the world since bitcoin exchange can be done beyond frontiers.

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