Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Even the Banks start working with Bitcoins

Given the rise of this cryptocurrency to almost triple in a single year, it was not surprising that it began to attract banking attention, especially in banks in Switzerland was carrying out a completely secret project, for this May 17 to be finally Revealed: it is a revolutionary debit card with direct connection to the virtual wallets of the Internet, known as Monaco Visa.

Monaco has the property of using Ethereum, Bitcoins and several other cryptocurrencies to be able to be sustained, which has led us to think about the strength that the Bitcoins are having worldwide so that the different banking entities are interested in starting to work for this market.

This card allows the use of a telephone application for transactions in Bitcoins almost immediately (both opening the account and the application for transaction), free global transactions in 23 types of currencies in more than 120 countries worldwide using international banks Exchange, free transactions at the level of all users of Monaco Visa, which come directly to the Virtual Wallets to be used again by Monaco.

What has demonstrated this?

The same bank investors have seen through the opacity brought by Bitcoin and have managed to see the future. Now starting to offer better exchange rates globally, it has become imperative for entrepreneurs and future international negotiators to acquire Bitcoins as a method of fast and secure payment of international transactions, without having any losses.

On the other hand, other facilities have been announced for a card known as Monaco Visa Black, which contains as a benefit, free exchange based on world bank prices to any type of currency, as well as the withdrawal of funds for bank accounts.

The banks will only receive 1% of the profit of any transaction as payment for the use of this implemented service, but the transactions in Bitcoins, the purchase of Bitcoins and the sale of Bitcoins have begun to be a matter of day to day, and if The world's biggest investors are beginning to use it, you should start questioning why not do it yourself too.

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