Monday, 22 May 2017

Revolution of money

   At present we have different currencies around the world and different exchange rates to exchange them but sometimes we have difficulties when making transactions online. In the network, we can find different websites that could help us with this but for some years we have a digital currency recognized by many countries around the world.

     Bitcoin this cryptocurrency has had a great impact and a great acceptance worldwide allowing millions of companies and individuals to benefit and develop economically. This type of currency allows millions of people in the world to interact with one another by exchanging bitcoins and thus breaking the local currency barrier. The users can make purchases with their digital coins in the establishments that allow it. They can also sell their cryptocurrencies or exchange them for local coins.

      The digital currency works completely through the network reaching millions of countries around the world. Thanks to its independence of banks or states all users can use it equally. Transactions, exchanges are made directly between users without the need for intermediaries and in a case of purchases and sales provides the security that the money does not leave until obtaining the merchandise. People around the world can download the Bitcoin version of their preference because the platform is maintained, modified and improved by the users who manage it. Currently Bitcoin is used by millions of people around the world; each person owns their digital money and does not need to reveal their identity to carry out the transactions.

      Bitcoin has been the door many companies needed to get out of economic crises, although there are still companies that do not accept this kind of currency as a form of payment but it has helped many to continue climbing in the world economy and to develop in different countries of the world.

     The rapid interaction between users and easy access through the network is what motivates to know more about this revolutionary digital currency. Anywhere in the world where you hear about digital coins is sure to be talking about Bitcoin. Banks have been threatened by this type of currency because people prefer to change their savings by bitcoins and thus to exchange them for another type of currency to increase their income and create economic stability.

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