Wednesday, 12 July 2017

How is the mining process of the Bitcoin?

Just as coins printed in tickets must go through a process of creation, the criptocoin must also go through a procedure that is called "mining", which is done through decentralized networks of individuals, whether working alone or in large Groups. In this cyber world a miner is called a "node." 

Bitcoins are virtual currencies, so they need a rigorous system that can detect fake currencies, so the purpose of mining is not only to create more currencies, but also to check the validity of transactions using currencies already in place on circulation.

The miners are the elementary subjects in this process, as they are the ones that must be outstanding and active in everything that happens in the networks of Bitcoin. These should periodically check the transfers made between Bitcoin users, a fundamental work to prevent hacking. 

What do the miners specifically do?

Miners must be excellent professionals, since they do this type of reviews and mining by solving complex equations in their computers. They have the ability to verify a block, which provides them with a certain amount of new bitcoins, in addition to obtaining a small rate of profit due to the transaction.

These miners use a system that powers the computer hardware, which is called "hashing power", with this several miners can decipher Bitcoin algorithms to speak with the process mentioned above.

Mining work requires a lot of power and energy from your computer, therefore, it is very likely that if you tried you would lose more than you could do, and if you do, it is possible that in the end these currencies are not valid, due To the volatility of the market, since, the new bitcoins are prone to this phenomenon that varies every minute.

This method is also used by the other criptocoin companies in the world, and it means fertile expenses, but huge profits as well. It is essential to keep in mind that before you want to be a miner, it is preferable that you invest that time in something else, because if you try to mine coins you will only have losses of all kinds. Likewise, the best way to get bitcoins is to buy, so in this article we can name companies that are in the top Bitcoin exchanges in India: Coinbase, Zebpay, Bitxoxo and more. All these and other agencies will be able to offer you exchanges of Bitcoin in India

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