Thursday, 13 July 2017

What’s the influence of the internet connection to buy bitcoins in India?

India’s internet connection in a lot of areas has a low quality. You can have troubles to both buy and sell bitcoins in India, if you do not have a good internet contract. First, because your internet provider cannot offer you a high speed internet if you do not find 30 people else in your community who would demand and pay for it. It could affect your bitcoin exchange in India or outside India— in case you are buying or selling from other countries— if you do not have a very good connection. There are lots of people in India that everyday have issues with their internet and they exchange or try to buy bitcoins and sell them, but the transferences fail because of a fall of the internet or because their connection is so slow; therefore, they sometimes don’t get their money in their wallet or bank account. So, if you want to buy bitcoins in India or to sell them you must find a premium contract with your internet provider, if not you will have problems with your funds. 

Many people on the internet complain that the bitcoin exchange in India always fails because of issues with the connection. The coins are never received or their bitcoins last a very long time to appear in their wallet. India is a country where around one billion people live disconnected from the internet. Although Indian government has invested on extending the internet to rural areas and promoting Wi-Fi connectivity, the internet continues being too slow. This fact that affects bitcoin exchange in India could be lower or disappear if the demands for a better internet is done by the users. 

However, if you join the companies with the best bitcoin exchange in India there should not be problem. Companies like Bitxoxo, Coinsecure, Unocoin, Btcxindia, or Zepbay do not have troubles even if the connection is not the best working. If you want to secure your exchange and buy and sell bitcoins in India you should both find the premium contract with your internet provider and start trusting in one of these companies with the best bitcoin exchange in India.

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