Monday, 31 July 2017

On the way to a world without bills?

The world has brought with it changes and revolutions that have led it to improve several of its biggest problems, so it is necessary to be clear about whether a digital money revolution would solve more problems than it would produce? For it is tacit to know that any change will have its pros and cons.

If we approach the pros, without a doubt, the first would be the progressive decrease in the production of paper money, which is used for the printing of bills worldwide. So the environment would benefit, although, if we are sincere, I believe that if these trees "saved" by this measure are not logged for this reason, they will be deforested by another perhaps more radical and less necessary, so, everything depends on The way in which this saving of environmental resources is taken.

Among the cons, it is indisputably first, dependence on the internet, and even today, the percentage of people in the world who do not own the network that connects the entire world is high, so that nothing else in that aspect is see such a dream unviable.

In India alone, more than 100 million citizens still do not have electricity in their homes, which is too great an inconvenience to employ any radical measures.

It is obvious that cash cannot disappear from the face of the earth, since, if this happened, the less developed sector would suffer unimaginable consequences, increasing the giant gap between the digital age and the age of yesteryear, in which the countries of the Third World suffer a great depression to be well below the technological advances, something that, undoubtedly, cannot go unnoticed in the future of the planet.

In conclusion, given the conditions experienced today, to see a world with only virtual currencies like Bitcoin is a utopia, since, the digital age has not reached all human beings, and is quite unlikely, due to the high rates of poverty that exist.

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