Thursday, 3 August 2017

New Bitcoin’s Face

     Cryptocurrency most popular, Bitcoin, has just taken a leap to expand its number of transactions and at the same time allow more people to invest in digital currencies. Bitcoin has gone to the fork and now they are two cryptocurrencies that are governed by the same parameters.

     Bitcoin Cash is the new digital currency, born of Bitcoin that aims to increase the number of Bitcoin transactions per minute. This cryptocurrency was born of a group of people who collaborated with the creation of Bitcoin and saw that this is a good alternative for digital coins.

     Users who have Bitcoin were surprised to see the price of the BTC rose 2.9% this week and some decided Buy Bitcoin. The price cap of the past for the bitcoin was $ 2,975 and when it happened the fork fell to $ 2700, while the new cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash already reached $ 424.

     Several of the Best Bitcoin Exchange have already acquired the new currency and are gaining users on their platforms. Even several of them with the Best Bitcoin Rate are already being used for Buy Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Best Bitcoin Exchange have not lost time and much less money investing and admitting to all the people who want to take advantage of this new digital currency.

     Users have left many countries, especially in America and Europe. It has been quite appreciable the demand that Bitcoin Cash is having and other cryptocurrency are only watching as a new currency passes them over as if they did not exist.

     With this new bifurcation the odds of Bitcoin becoming the world's first digital currency are increasing, being recognized by most people and allowing them to be used legally for millions of operations. It could even improve the economy globally, as well as improving in countries such as India, the Dominican Republic and other countries.

     Bitcoin Cash is proving to be of great importance for Bitcoin's future and this alliance will make many countries more confident in acquiring it and legalizing it for internal uses. Bitcoin Cash could become the new face of Bitcoin despite being a set.

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