Friday, 4 August 2017

The actual cryptocurrencies news.
After August 1st, the expected date of the hard fork, most of the Bitcoin exchanges around the world had problems to login. A lot of users of platforms such as Bittrex or Bitfinex could not enter their accounts after 12:21 Pm. However, many Bitcoin exchanges reach to cover their Bitcoin cash distribution, the new currency created after Bitcoin splitting, after midnight. 

As a consequence of the Bitcoin forking a big amount of Bitcoin operations took place during the last hours of the day.  A tremendous traffic of exchanges was registered by most of the Bitcoin exchanges. This traffic was the cause that hindered Bitcoin operations at midnight. 

One of the companies at the top of Bitcoin exchanges in India Bitxoxo took the actions that it had informed in the previous days, Bitxoxo stopped their operations on Tuesday and retook them on August 3rd at midnight when the scaling proposal was supposed to be more stable in order to avoid problems to their Bitcoin traders and guarantee the safe Bitcoin exchange in India. 

It is still unknown if all the companies of Bitcoin exchange in India will support Bitcoin cash. For example, Unocoin has already made known that they will remain with the same style of Bitcoin exchange. If the companies cannot support bitcoin cash exchange then other companies will surely grow to improve the trade with this new cryptocurrency. What can be expected from Bitxoxo since they always update their service for improving the process to buy Bitcoin in India is that they will support sooner or later the best bitcoin cash exchange. 

Bitcoin cash has been reaching a higher price in few hours and it will probably change the world of cryptocurrencies and all traders that do not actualize their knowledge about it will be left behind respecting to the new Bitcoin exchange. 

            Bitcoin traders that have their bitcoins stored do not have to worry because the new division will not affect their investments since the main bitcoin exchange is not BCH, they only have to keep their bitcoins in a new e-wallet to avoid any further problem.

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