Monday, 7 August 2017

Bitcoin’s New Fork
     Since last Tuesday, Bitcoin has had a change in its operations. The digital currency had to make a bifurcation to free space of its chains of blocks and thus to be able to realize a greater amount of transactions per minute. Bitcoin Cash is the new face of digital coins developed by the same creators of Bitcoin.
     An All people who had cryptocurrencies in their original Bitcoin accounts were awarded the same amount of money but in the new digital currency, Bitcoin Cash.
     As digital currencies are more and more demanded, some Bitcoin Exchange agreed with the division, so that its users can perform the operations faster. Bitxoxo, one of the Top Bitcoin Exchange in India is already accepting and allowing its users to Sell Bitcoins in India.
     However, not everyone sees the bifurcation as something positive for the digital currency. Many have had to make big changes in the codes and in their databases to allow their Bitcoin Exchanges to receive Bitcoin Cash. Others have expressed their utter rejection of the bifurcation and left Bitcoin, but these considerations are not irreversible since Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash remain the most demanded digital currencies in the world.
     Although in the first days of its discovery it obtained high prices, around $ 760, at the moment has lowered of price and is maintained by the $ 240. While his "father" has reached prices that never before had reached reaching $ 3 400. Many Bitcoin Exchanges have been surprised with the high prices that Bitcoin Cash has had, even with the surpassing of other digital currencies that barely reach $ 300. Bitcoin Cash is proving to be a great example and another great opportunity to keep investing.
     Many analysts say the new cryptocurrency can reach $ 1,000 this year. Its original currency, Bitcoin, has shown great positive changes throughout its trajectory and there is a good chance that this currency will follow the same steps but at a faster rate. Bitcoin Cash is showing a lot of character and firmness around the world and is already being accepted by millions of people in different countries.

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