Friday, 11 August 2017

Indian Exchanges Houses and Bitcoin Cash

     Several exchange houses including the best Bitcoin exchange in India announced what would be the procedure to be carried out to control or maintain an order regarding the Bitcoin bifurcation last August 1st. They announced that they would suspend their activities and operations during the event to avoid risks that Bitcoins may be lost.

     Most exchange houses, including those in the top Bitcoin exchange in India, reported that they would not join the new cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash and that users who had Bitcoin funds in their accounts would transfer them to a Bitcoin wallet because they would not Will be taken into account at the time of the bifurcation. Zebpay said they do not plan to adopt the new digital currency. Other exchange houses of the top Bitcoin exchange in India, Coinsecure and Unocoin also decided to follow in the footsteps of Zebpay and freeze the purchases of Bitcoins until the emergence of Bitcoin Cash.

     Nevertheless, other exchange houses that are not part of the top Bitcoin in India left, announcing that if they supported the new cryptocurrency and they would follow the procedures necessary and stipulated for its correct operation. Bitxoxo, another of the best Bitcoin in India, reported that it will accept to work with the new digital currency and will do the necessary procedures to achieve the satisfaction of its customers and users. Bitxoxo maintains the best Bitcoin rate in India and worldwide. For Hindu peope members and users of the new digital currency it has been a relief to be assured that there are exchange houses that will continue to support Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash since most are handled through it and of course they trust that the latter Follow the steps of your parent cryptocurrency and achieve exorbitant values ​​as Bitcoin has done.

   With the passage of the day perhaps other exchange houses will replace the exchange houses that are currently in the top Bitcoin exchange as those that are currently do not accept Bitcoin Cash this will affect the fact that its users will decrease and as a consequence their ranking will degrade giving opportunity to new exchange houses like Bitxoxo.

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