Monday, 14 August 2017

Bitcoin: The Great August Boom

In mid-June, Bitcoin was priced at $ 2,975.06, an amount that seemed exorbitant, since its growth since January had been more than $ 2,000, which put this criptcoin in the center of the world scene. The Bitcoin investors who did their business in the first months of the year touched the sky with this mid-year figure; however, the currency declined markedly when entering the month of July, since its price began to be between the 2,600 dollars and the 2,400 dollars, which began to worry to several investors, since all that rises has to lower, is the mountain Russian eternal financial.

But this month of August, the world has been perplexed by the exponential growth of Bitcoin, which two months ago was about to reach $ 3,000, and is now above the $ 4,000, being today, August 14, to $ 4,296.49, a figure that seems unthinkable. This has been propitiated by the high demand that exists around the world, because the more Bitcoin is changed, the more demand exists, Bitcoin will continue to increase its value to extraordinary levels.

In India, the bitcoins agency Zebpay broke a record in early May, which was just the preamble to the boom that is currently being experienced with Bitcoin. The company obtained more than 500,000 downloads from its smartphone application. This, plus other milestones such as the collapse of Coinsecure - which had to suspend its services temporarily due to the excessive growth that it lived -, continue demonstrating only one thing, that Bitcoin has even bigger projections, and that the market only grows, and if low slightly, it is only a trampoline effect, then it will come with greater monetary value.

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