Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Bitcoin had a son, and has grown a lot in two weeks

4,000 dollars for a Bitcoin, yes, that's what everyone has talked about since this coin reached that number of money for a unit. Some wonder why this has happened, what caused Bitcoin to reach such a point that it seems a lie; but all that you have seen has not been an illusion, is purely real, and has its reasons for it to have aroused.

A few weeks ago, a new currency began to circulate in the world of finance, a currency with greater accessibility for a greater number of people worldwide, where the middle class could more easily acquire this criptocoin, due to the higher price Cheap of this. This coin is the daughter or the economic version of Bitcoin, called Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

This new currency arose because of the biggest inconvenience of a currency of such value, yes, its gift can become a curse, we talk about its price, which is so great that very few people can really invest and with concrete results. Despite having started only two weeks ago, BCH has grown considerably, as we explain the process for this to help Bitcoin: While buying larger Bitcoin Cash units, Bitcoin's reserves increase, which causes the currency not to Just grab more popularity, but increase your demand in the market

A Bitcoin Cash to date is positioned at approximately 300 dollars, and several brands of wallets have shown their support; however, the new currency has also had some problems, due to its mining process, as it is currently working at 13% of Bitcoin's difficulty.

Breadwallet yesterday launched its new portfolio for bitcoins, and not just with this brand, others like Rocketr and Living Room of Satoshi also announced that its support for Bitcoin Cash.

Another chain that will join this new phenomenon is Bitgo which assured that it will design a mechanism of separation between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in a single portfolio.

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