Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A new cryptocurrency exchange starts in the Indian market. 

It was recently announced that a new Bitcoin exchange will enter the world of Indian companies. Bitbay will represent a new option for Hindu people who trade with Bitcoins. The company comes from Poland and had informed that their aims are both to start functioning by the last days of August and become the main international Bitcoin exchange in the Asian country. It means that it will be a new competition for companies at the top of bitcoin exchange in India like Bitxoxo, Unocoin and Zepbay. Bitcoin exchange in India will acquire a more international connotation with this new company. 

Moreover, the Polish company announced that they want to train the Hindu population about its trading. Bitbay will launch a demo of their trade mode that will show how their operations will work. It will be made public next August 24th. The demo has also the purpose of letting common people that has not probably buy and sell Bitcoins how to become real bitcoiners. Bitbay wants Hindu people to be confident when exchanging. Also, the company has said that they will active the trading for cryptocurrencies like Ethereumm, gamecredits, lisk, moneto and others. It is the first company in India that offers trading with those cryptocurrencies. 

Bitbay has let known through his Sylewestor Suszek, who is the Chief executive officer of the company that they want to stop ignorance about cryptocurrencies in general. It is known that despite the popularity of Bitcoin in the world, Hindu people has not been really taught about what Bitcoin really is. Most of them are still confused. Furthermore, Suszek has stated that the company is composed of accurate professionals of the industry that are really specialized. The company wants to encourage all the Hindu population to grow the facilities of digital currencies. 

Another important fact about this new company is that it does not fear the possible regulatory issues of the Indian government respecting to digital currencies. Bitbay has published that they are the leaders of bitcoin exchange in Eastern Europe and their heads saw really good potential in the Asian country. This is definitely a new challenge for the traditional Bitcoins exchange in India.

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