Thursday, 17 August 2017

Venezuelan miners continue working hard.

It is widely known that there is a tyranny ruling over Venezuela. The economic crisis has affected so deeply Venezuelans that they have started to see Bitcoin mining and other cryptocurrencies as a way to improve their incomes. The salary in Venezuela does not cover even the basic alimentary resources. Then Venezuelans are looking for these kind of digital sources. However, the government has put in jail some cryptominers and has considered Bitcoin as a threat. Many Venezuelans have not stopped mining. They have stood strong in front of the tyranny. Buy and sell Bitcoins in Venezuela could be a trouble due to the absence of dollars in the country where just one dollar could value around 17.000 Bolivars. One dollar is more than a salary day in the South American country. 

Therefore, people from other countries do not have any excuse about mining legally. If you don’t start mining in your area where nobody is watching you and Bitcoin mining is not prohibited, you are really losing your time. In contrast, if you’re a Bitcoiner and you sometimes want to give up, then just remember how Venezuelans are dealing with the situation. For example, if you live in India where the internet connection is not as bad as it is Venezuela and there are just rumours about what is going to happen with digital currencies, this is your moment to buy and sell Bitcoins in India. Do not wait until it could be banned or made illegal in your area. At least in India you can enjoy the best Bitcoin exchange companies that assure your investment, while in Venezuela there are not exchange companies and miners are obliged to look for people on the web that buys their Bitcoins earned. 

In short, what could happen next in Venezuela is that the cryptocurrencies fame will be more famous. People from that country always look for solutions and manners to evolve in spite of the hard government they are trying to escape of. In other countries miners should feel encouraged by the Venezuelans that continue keeping Bitcoin and Ethereum as their first hopes.

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